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Spa Marvel

Have you heard about Spa Marvel Water Treatment & Conditioner? It’s a super eco-friendly product that uses enzymes to keep your spa water clean and clear. Say goodbye to harsh chemical treatments! Stop by our store and chat with our team to learn more about this fantastic product. We’ll help you find the perfect treatment for your spa, pool, and other water systems.

Spa Marvel Treament & Conditioner as close to chemical-free as your spa can be.

Pool Marvel, an enzyme based non-toxic pool water treatment.

Our pool water has never been clearer in 18 years.

We began using Pool Marvel® this year and the change in our pool was noticeable within a day. Normally in the summer we shock our pool once a week to assist the bromine. With the extreme summer heat, we knew we would have to keep a careful eye on our chemical levels. We added a capful of Pool Marvel® once a week and have been astounded with the results. We have not added any chemicals to our pool this summer except keeping the brominator full. In the 18 years we’ve had our pool the water has never been this clear. Another thing I noticed is my skin hasn’t dried out. I haven’t had to use lotion on my skin as I usually do after spending the day in the pool. Also, our bathing suits don’t smell of chemicals.

It is so simple to use. I am hooked on Pool Marvel®!

I used Pool Marvel® this year in my pool and I LOVED IT! I had no problems, which is unusual for my pool as it seems that every August I spend my days vacuuming my pool, scrubbing the walls, backwashing and cleaning my filter just to keep my pool swimmable but never really getting my pool back to crystal clear.
So this year I used Pool Marvel® with chlorine and I had clear water all season long, I even found I was using less chlorine than I had in the past. This meant for me less time cleaning the pool and more time swimming.
What really made me believe that Pool Marvel® was helping my pool was that I forgot to put Pool Marvel® in my pool one week. Immediately, my pool started to turn. I cleaned it up, put Pool Marvel® in with chlorine and my pool water was crystal clear again! It is so simple to use. I am hooked on Pool Marvel®!

Our pool was a success this year with just a capful of Pool Marvel® weekly.

Overall, our pool was a huge success this year!!! I used one capful of Pool Marvel® each Sunday night to help with the usual routine through the week. I used the same amount of chlorine as I usually do, but when you factor in the extreme heat we experienced this season, I should have had to use a lot more chlorine. I was also amazed at the clarity of the pool during the peak months when the pool was 90 degrees consistently day in, day out.

Pool Marvel® has significantly improved our pool this season

We have found that Pool Marvel® has made quite a difference this season. The water itself feels rather silky and soft on the skin. We require less liquid chlorine which is unusual as it has been a very hot summer. We also had less algae buildup. Pool Marvel® was so easy to use. Thanks for a great product!

Pool Marvel® has made pool maintenance a breeze!

This summer has been one of the hottest to date and I was honestly shocked with the performance of Pool Marvel®. I haven’t had any algae or scum growth and the pool clarity has been the best I have ever experienced over the last 18 years as a pool owner. I have an 18’ x 36’ chlorine pool with a sand filter and get full sun all day in the backyard. I have used multiple products in the past to battle algae and maintain desirable pH, alkalinity and free chlorine levels. Pool maintenance has been a breeze with the addition of Pool Marvel®. I have not needed to add any other chemicals! It has reduced liner cleaning, vacuuming and back washing frequency significantly. Pool Marvel® is just a simple capful a week with use of chlorine pucks in the skimmer basket!! That’s it!!

Made pool maintenance easier and more convenient

Prior to using Pool Marvel®, I always had to use a lot of algaecide. I was constantly cleaning my pool and with all the heat this season, I have only had to use Pool Marvel® weekly & chlorine. I haven’t had to use algaecide at all and it’s taken a lot less maintenance. With me being so busy, I haven’t been able to maintain my pool on a regular basis and with Pool Marvel® it has kept it so much easier to maintain. Clean and clear is what I like to see.

My pool water has never looked better!

I’ve had a saltwater pool for 12 years and was recently introduced to Pool Marvel®. I’ve been using Spa Marvel® for my hot tub and have been very impressed with how it performs so I thought I would try Pool Marvel®. My pool water has never looked clearer and it has been a breeze to keep balanced. When I took a water sample in to get tested, they commented on how much difficulty people were having keeping their pools balanced due to the hot humid weather. I had to say, my water has never looked better. Best of all, it is an all natural product which is important to me and my family.

Our daughter no longer gets rashes from the pool water.

I have been at several parties and social events this year telling anyone and everyone what a great product Pool Marvel® is. I am not a long time pool owner so I was a little nervous using this product as I didn’t want to mess with what the pool guy at the store was telling me.
Anyways, just a few comparisons from last year: We used 14 pucks last year and I had to shock the pool twice over the summer as well as once in the spring. Our daughter has very dry skin and last summer it would rash up and become red unless we washed very well every time she came out of the pool. This year I shocked the pool in the spring and have only used 3 pucks. Although my chlorine count is low, the pool chemistry is perfect and the clarity is sparkling. Best part about the product is that our daughter has no rash or redness of the skin coming out of the pool no matter if we shower after or not.

Do you suffer with troubled water? The X10 Water Filter allows you to get the quality of bottled water right from your tap.

Pump Marvel uses pressure from a garden hose rather than electricity to pump water.

Click here to find a series of how to videos on the Spa Marvel website.