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Mulches, Soils, Stone & Sand

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Mulches, Soils, Stone & Sand

We carry a wide selection of mulch and soils. Selection and stock may vary. All products are available for Curbside Pickup or Delivery

Canada Red Mulch (Brown)

2 Cubic Foot Bag, $5.99 per bag
SKU 11002S

Black Beauty Mulch

2 Cubic Foot Bag, $5.99 per bag
SKU 3671803

Red Devil Mulch

2 Cubic Foot Bag, $6.99 per bag
SKU 11029

All Treat Play Sand

All Treat Play Sand is a fine, granulated screened sand.  It is ideal for use in sand boxes, horse shoe pits, between patio stones and as a soil additive to increase soil structure and help improve drainage.

18Kg Bag, $4.99 per bag
SKU 3693002

Miracle Grow Potting Mix

Available in the Following Sizes:

Black Earth Top Soil

20L Bag, $2.49 per bag
SKU 10082

Miracle Grow Moisture Control

SKU 7814817

Peat Moss Premier

2.2 Cubic Feet $
SKU 3693861

3.8 Cubic Feet
SKU 3693860

3-Way Mix

Ideal for use in flower beds, vegetable gardens, and transplanting trees and shrubs.

30L Bag $4.49
SKU 10053